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Python in Maya - Autodesk.

I think it is just fedora, cause I was using the same environment vars and same Maya.env file with correct paths of course, anyway I'm only setting the PYTHONPATH in Maya.env and it is working fine, and we are not using too many shell scripts that needs a proper PYTHONPATH so it is fine for now. Raveen, pythonPath variable IS your entire python environment. Trying, learning, banging away, and understanding this concept is probably the most important thing about getting python installed and scaling well on your system and your teammates.

16/11/2019 · I new to scripting in maya, but I've bee having a problem with importing my rig library into maya. I created a Maya.env file into my maya 2019 folder. I wrote: PYTHONPATH = c:\the path to my rig library then I when to my script editor to import my library but I get an error: ImportError:file,maya. Alternatively, you can also use the getenv MAYA_APP_DIR; mel command in the mel script editor to see where your env file is. If you have multiple versions of Maya,. 14/02/2013 · I don't want to set them explicitly in my environment variables because of my standalone installations of python. Setting them in maya.env doesn't work either. I suppose I can copy 'getEnv'PYTHONPATH'' to sys.path in every script but that's not ideal either. MtoA does load, but it appears to drop a very strange bunch of characters in to my Pythonpath. This causes other plugins to fail. I've setup the MtoA module file just the same as our previous MtoA 2 file which works, but with MtoA 3, I'm getting this strange garbled path being inserted into PYTHONPATH. To find available modules, python searches directories set in an environment variable called PYTHONPATH. This environment variable can be set for each Maya installation using the Maya.env file, or it can be set at the system level, which will set it for all instances of python, including those bundled with each Maya installation aka “mayapy”.

A module file describes the install location of a plugin which has been distributed as a module. Maya will append subdirectories of this install location to the following path variables: MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH, MAYA_PRESET_PATH, MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH, PYTHONPATH and XBMLANGPATH. Initializing the Maya Environment in and for Python. Maya runs any Python commands in the file whenever it starts up. You can use this file to set up your working environment or execute commonly used Python commands such as importing the maya.cmds module. Edit Maya.env see here adding the directory to the PYTHONPATH environment variable. Note that the path should be the path to the directory in which the pysbs directory is located The line would look something like this: PYTHONPATH=C:\work\Pysbs-2017.2.0. Start maya. Defines the search paths for Maya module files. A module file describes the install location of a plugin which has been distributed as a module. Maya will append subdirectories of this install location to the following path variables: MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH, MAYA_PRESET_PATH, MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH, PYTHONPATH and XBMLANGPATH.

i have to set my variable maya_env_variable = "PYTHONPATH" after i have to set a new path new_path_list ['User/Desktop'] i have to get the current value of my PYTHONPATH using os.environ['. It sounds as if there is absolutely no way for the Python modules to be loaded by a userSetup.mel or file and have python scripts which rest in a custom folder/directory on a system which are read by the Maya.env file as PYTHONPATH="". That is. I deleted some lines to save a little space. Line 1 declares someting similar to the variables we used in maya.env to shorten the path lines. Line 2 to 3 declacres system specific settings. Line 4 to 6 activate the settings done in the previous lines.

Set PYTHONPATH in your Maya.env file, or in your environment before you run Maya; Append to sys.path in your or other script once Maya is running. Here is. Yes you should be able to modify the PYTHONPATH environment variable in the maya env file. Or you can place the tool in any existing folder, which is in the pythonpath variable. Since the last update Prism adds a project folder to that path, so you can place the tool in \00_Pipeline\CustomModules\Python. 22/11/2006 · Copy these Python modules from the 3D modeler installation. Open the folder of Python 2.5's maya modules. C:\Python25\Lib\site-packages\maya Is Maya package is installed to Python 2.5, but not app directories? If so, I guess installation placed some. Did my paste of the contents of Maya.env show that I had that path set? No. If you read it, the only contents of Maya.env are matching what you said you do, which is to set PYTHONPATH="" empty string for whatever reason. 20/12/2019 · This plugin depends on zync-python, the ZYNC Python API. Before trying to install zync-maya, make sure to download zync-python and follow the setup instructions there. Log in to the ZYNC Web Console, and go to the My Account page. In the "Scripts" section, you'll be able to.

Benny's VFX pipeline. Contribute to bennymuller/VFX development by creating an account on GitHub. If you use python eggs as opposed to normal package sub directories and have a bunch of them in a location, then the site/pth process will end up expanding your PYTHONPATH to.

I think prism shouldn't handle dynamically load plugin into maya this way, and probably be simply setup to add environement variable automatically to either windows/linux, or edit the Maya.env to add a set of predefined path. and not try anything fancy. or you're never gonna see the end of it. here is a nice maya plugin with a free version. Setting Attributes 1let's create a sphere 2 import maya.cmds as cmds 3 4lets delete all objects 5 cmds.selectall=True 6 lete 7 lets create a nurb's cube. 30/04/2018 · Ok, so returning to Maya programming after working with Max, Maxscript, Blur Python and UGHHHHHHH MaxPlus. I have been setting up my home environment but just wanted to remind myself of some fundamentals in regards to the PYTHONPATH and the use of dockcontrol items. I have a PYTHONPATH in my maya.

The OpenCue job submission GUI. This is a Python-based QT app through which you can submit jobs to an OpenCue deployment. It can run as a standalone application, or as a plug-in for applications that support PySide2 integration, such as Autodesk’s Maya or Foundry’s Nuke. Not sure if any pipeline people peruse this sub, but I'm having a problem which I can't seem to figure out! My problem is 3 fold: Maya won't work properly if I add a PYTHONPATH variable, containing my custom scripts path, to the Windows environment variables. A lot of people asked me, how Maya.env working, where is located, which variables can i use, how can i access to variables, or can i create my own variable? You can do it all very easy, it’s only about good configuration and logic of your Maya.env file.

  1. Setting environment variables using Maya.env. There are two ways to set environment variables outside of Maya: using the standard operating system commands, or editing the Maya.env file. Using the Maya.env file is recommended so that you don’t clutter the standard environment settings with Maya-specific variables. You can also.
  2. Make sure you include PYTHONPATH in your Maya.env: PYTHONPATH=C:\Users\roroco\OneDrive\maya\script. Checking my Windows home setup, I'm using back slashes in Maya.env, so you can see if switching helps. Instead of checking MAYA_PATH_DIR, check your sys.path to see if your directory is there.

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